Code Rule 56 Presentation

Here is a description and a copy of our presentation regarding Code Rule 56

New York State Code Rule 56: Requirements & Changes in the Asbestos Code Rule

New York State Industrial Code Rule 56 regulates the standards and procedures regarding the inspection for asbestos prior to a renovation, repair, remodeling or demolition project and for the handling, disturbance and abatement of asbestos materials. The current Code Rule has been in effect since 2006, was amended in March of 2007, and is currently again in revision. The goal of this presentation is to outline and review the content that is most pertinent to an Owner, General Contractor or Construction Manager and also tie in some of the federal requirements from OSHA and the EPA.

At the completion of the presentation, participants will be able to:

1)      List the responsibilities of the owner, non-asbestos contractors, asbestos contractors and controlling employers in regards to multi-employer work-sites.

2)      Describe the regulatory obligations and requirements in regards to the discovery, assessment and cleanup of uncontrolled asbestos disturbances.

3)      Identify the required records that constitute the Project Record for an asbestos project.

4)      Describe the State and Federal regulatory obligations and requirements in regards to asbestos surveys and inspections.





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